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What to say if someone asks you out

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What to say if someone asks you out

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Ask yourself whether you are really interested in this guy, or if you're just flattered that he took an interest in you.

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Sometimes, it takes people a while to move on and feel good enough about the situation to be able to go back to being friends with the person who rejected them. Truly believing in your own value sets you up for a much healthier relationship.

This compatibility might seem effortless. Think about things like work, school, family, hobbies, and more.

Girl talk: 7 ways to say “no” when a guy friend asks you out

Don't be afraid to reschedule if you have a conflict. If you are truly excited about his offer then your body should reflect that excitement.

A ificant income? Still, your boyfriend is willing to make time in his schedule so that he can see you. Perhaps the two of you have the same exact sense of humor. Let your sentence be well thought-out and avoid beating around the bush.

Girl talk: 7 ways to say “no” when a guy friend asks you out

A closed posture can convey fear, hesitation, and anxiety. This means that you just love who he is as a person and you love the way that he acts.

It will make him aware of just how special he is to you and how much you appreciate him. He Takes Care of You Your boyfriend probably takes care of you in one way or another. If we are honest, a lot depends on who it is asking us out on ylu date?

Some relationships sizzle out due to a lack of compatibility. If you really want to show him that you're interested, offer an alternative.

2. “i'm just not settling.”

Happy people are confident people. Maybe he always brings you your favorite type of ice cream.

If he invites you along with him and his friends, it probably means that he likes you, but it doesn't necessarily mean that he's asking you to be his girlfriend ti. Take time for yourself.

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Try to come up with a few askx reasons that you love his personality. Thank you for your interest, but no. If the guy asks you out on a first date, make sure that you get the time and place. It should show them that you want to continue spending time with them too. Let him know what your favorites have been so he can make an effort to do it again.

Imagine him in your mind asking you out as vividly as possible so you can work through any fear you have beforehand. But if you want to stay domeone with this guy, you have to try not to act awkward around him.


It might seem as if the two of you were made just for each other. Additional reporting by Alexa Mellardo. You may just go together perfectly. Thomas Edwards, Jr. This is also a good reason to tell that you love them.

It was updated on Sept. When I rejected my friend, I avoided him for a little bit because I felt so guilty… until he came up to me asking why Shat was doing that.

They are a good reason to love your boyfriend. But it is most flattering of you to ask me, thank you.

Not all guys are vocal; many of them love to show how they feel to those they love. Find out if it's a group event or just the two of you.

5 ways to respond to a date request that will make his heart skip a beat

He should do his best to make you happy. Those that do consider it because it offers them an arena for personal growth and healing. You both have a bunch of different obligations. This is important to remind your boyfriend so that he knows that you like who he is.