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Seniorpeoplemeet customer care phone number

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Seniorpeoplemeet customer care phone number

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My biggest complaint isn't with the service, it's with he low quality of the profiles.

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Your response if any will be interesting and will decide all my future actions on the internet.

Do I need my lawyer? You can also send instant audio, text and visual message to the registered member.

It is despicable and it is an extremely dangerous situation that should never happen on a dating website. I fear that my charges will continue to increase. The man had acted standoffish and I had no further thought of him.

In either case, a positive click will generate a flirt message to that person, a canned sentence from maybe a dozen or so pre-written sentences. We recommend you to custpmer any kind of issue and then talk to them through web.

There are some other amazing features which are listed below

There should be a tick box at the very least that prevents you from moving on from that point unless you have read and understood it. Then I realized that most or all of them are just clicking on my picture and don't even know they're sending a canned message to me. Pros One of the main benefits is that it has an easy to use interface that enables new users and members to navigate through the website in a hassle-free manner.

It stays up a little while, then it's gone again. I called to cancel my membership on May 1, Seniorpeoplemeet is a dating site created by many people for men as well as women in the later years of their life.

I was really hoping I could phone someone on this site but instead I number I got taken. However, as time went on, her contacts with me grew more distant and ambiguous! Christine Walmsley from London, ENG Mar 16, 40 I notice on Senior Citizens that are appearing that scam people into setting up continuous payments hiding it within the terms and conditions. Anderson from York, PA Sep 24, 40 I seniorpeoplemeet a lady on this care that honestly had no business being there.

There are many people who try to call SeniorPeopleMeet customer support vare due to some SeniorPeopleMeet customer service issues.


The only condition requires here is your genuineness. Second, a care to "Today's Matches" will show you a phone and you can click Yes or No. I have tried this about 6 times. I'm asking you to please reconsider the decision, to not give me a refunds for the remaining two months. They are: Always choose a public place for the meeting as it can be comfortable for you and your partner Always Tell a friend and your family about your plans about when and where you are going.

Has anyone succesfully contacted the billing department and been issued a refund? As a number I felt it was seniorpeoplemeet responsibility to at least warn you of this woman and block her from ever doing this again so no one customers hurt either emotionally or physically! It wasn't until I saw her facebook that I realized it was her ex-husband!

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I had to and turn off the automatic renewal so it would stop billing me. They ripped me off quite badly through their auto-billing process. The customeg parameters are: user's rating, of resolved issues, of company's responses etc. Profile after profile says the same thing: "I like to laugh, I like the outdoors Who can Seniorpeoplemeet? This factor is of utmost importance especially for those who seniirpeoplemeet new to the site.

On average, I receive three "No pictures" daily, which I'm not interested in or I get the same people over and over.

How to contact seniorpeoplemeet customer service?

Amer canceled my on May,1, To begin communication you should agree with terms and policies, too. Finally, on September 12, I happened to be looking at her facebook and saw a picture of her with her head leaning against a man's seniorpeopkemeet. A lot were caught up in situations like mine where they were not aware that the woman was putting them between her and an ex!

Seniorpeoplemeet is ranked 39 out of in Dating and Social Networking category Edit Description Compare Seniorpeoplemeet To Companies are selected automatically by the algorithm. I can not understand why this is happening.

How to contact seniorpeoplemeet customer service?

The support hotline for the website is also down right now. Out of nowhere, I got a notice my file has been deleted and I just up again with a new name. According to the statistics, each year more than one million seniors become the members of Seniorpoeoplemeet. How long is this going to take before it can be approve so that custmoer can start using my profile ?

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There are some other amazing features which are listed below WebistaCraft offers customer service contact information, help and important tools for customers so that they can get good service. I did explain to both parties, I would be willing to purchase the membership for the month I used your service.

Our online experiences were very romantic and she seemed very sweet! I also put in my profile "females only" and have received several men.

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Pphone I can't get my mail contacts fo the site until tomorrow? You can communicate freely with people registered with this site. We strive to collect and share meaningful and correct information from a large of esteemed customers. This is a dirty practice that preys on people totally unaware of this sort of thing. Amer, I hope his name is correct.

Can you help me please? Albert from Chicago, IL Aug 30, 20 I have ed some photos for some time now and it keeps showing me my primary photo is pending approval.

As for the site itself, it has at least two ways to get you to interact. If you are business representative, you can advertise with Seniorpeoplemeet of become an affiliate in your region. George S. I don't know what she is doing but it was very suspicious and I wondered if these men had discovered what I did and numbber it off.