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Some reviews are predictably racy, and some are, perhaps surprisingly, more PG-rated. Increasingly, however, it also serves another purpose. Dianne Feinstein Rubmaps. Feinstein cited Rubmaps as one of puila sites that supposedly "act[ed] as purveyors of child sex trafficking in this country.

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Keeping doors locked and requiring people to buzz in, for instance, can be a way of protecting against potentially dangerous customers in businesses staffed solely by women.

In AprilColumbus, Ohio, City Attorney Zach Klein obtained "emergency" court orders to "vacate and shutter" two massage parlors following stings carried out by county authorities. The rubmaps could cost Phila thousands of dollars a year, she said. Yet they ultimately filed charges in just of these cases.

On a January press call, Polaris representatives recommended that city governments begin using "a code enforcement perspective," passing regulations such as bans on back-door entry by customers and requirements that front doors be unlocked at all times during business hours. Nineteen cases cited a charge for some form of practicing massage without a rubmaps felony phila some places.

If nothing else, the massage parlor panic is rbumaps massive waste of public resources.

But most of the men arrested were not wealthy public figures. For years I've been following the uptick in federally backed efforts to target "illicit massage parlors.

Duplicate names are common.

The two-year Homeland Security—aided investigation has yielded misdemeanor prostitution and solicitation convictions against a year-old woman and the client with whom she was caught. Among those who criticize this approach is the activist group Rubmaps Canary Song, which has described efforts to arrest and deport Chinese massage workers as "anti-Asian racism. Phila if no one in the NYPD was directly responsible for Song's fall, the city's ethnically targeted raids were the backdrop for what happened that day.

A War on Prostitution—and on Immigration In some ways, these operations represent a new front in the war on sex trafficking. In a throwback to shameful earlier episodes in U. We are really sorry for the inconvenience and are working with our host to get it back up as soon as possible.

Some reviews are predictably racy, and some phila, perhaps surprisingly, more PG-rated. He ignored those guys because it was never about mongers, it was always about pedos. Instead, the ribmaps most harmed by the attention from law enforcement are the ones cops and advocates claim they're rumaps to save. But that hasn't stopped Polaris from pushing a range of new state and federal regulations based on its manufactured crisis, rubmaps has it stopped the media from running sensationalistic stories pegged to Polaris reports.


As part of "Operation Human Touch," agents with Homeland Security Investigations HSI had shown up at her home-based massage business posing as customers and subsequently alleged that Shu offered them sex acts for a phila. In some cases, prosecutors follow up prostitution arrests by seeking civil court orders to shut down the massage businesses.

In another ongoing case, a year-old Chinese immigrant named Sufeng Jiang and her boyfriend, Randy Carl Wittner, are accused of mistreating an employee who had just started working for them when cops raided the place and accused the rubmaps of prostitution.

But authorities rarely turn up the horrific crimes they say they're rooting out. And the Madison County Circuit Court has denied Marshall's request to make phjla shutdowns permanent, saying the state failed to make its case.

Polaris has also aggressively perpetuated the idea that the Super Bowl turns host cities into temporary hotbeds of sex trafficking, a popular myth with no basis in evidence. Song's third arrest happened after a September raid on her workplace and resulted in her being jailed overnight. Some cities are implementing stricter background checks for massage business owners; limiting the of occupational s or business permits available for massage; imposing stringent health regulations merely to enable more inspections; allowing inspections of any massage business at pretty much any time for rubmaps much any reason; phila starting "active monitoring" of massage parlors and their employees by police.

In none of these cases did victims face bosses who acted violently, kept them in captivity, or stole their earnings. An exploitative boss, a rapist, or a human trafficker is really going to stop because massage customers have to use the front door? Of the 97 cases in which rumaps information was given, the average age of those arrested or indicted was In an era of increased public suspicion of mass incarceration and tough-on-crime politics, Gruber et al.

These cases also phila how expanding immigrant and sex lhila rights could benefit victims more than these needle-in-a-haystack "rescue" missions. Still, one of the workers was deported to China and more than half of the businesses were shut down. The one male employee who was involved pleaded rubmaps to unlawful transport a misdemeanorwhile seven women pleaded no contest or guilty to misdemeanor prostitution charges and sometimes no contest to other prostitution-related charges.

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Hawley's office told the media that the businesses were "fronts for trafficking. The inability to identify any trafficking victims is especially striking given that law enforcement used every tool at their disposal to get the answer they wanted. No traffickers or victims ever materialized thankfully. So is being driven around by an employer rather than owning one's own car, or having a home phila in one city while temporarily traveling to others for work.

A panic over massage parlors has swept the nation thanks to cynical and misguided efforts rubmaps America's political leaders and law enforcement authorities.

Massage parlor panic

Rescuing those who are exploited doesn't require literally swooping in and saving them. For years, Polaris was an enthusiastic disseminator of the wild claim thatU.

Opponents argue these sites facilitate the sexual exploitation of girls and rubmaps. But as of Decemberthere is no evidence phila such charges were filed or that any victims were discovered. They are welcomed to bust all the fucking pedos in the world for all I care.

The group phila for "a massive grassroots phi,a to get these restrictions passed in as many jurisdictions as possible. Yet they represent an exceptionally small fraction of overall "illicit rubmaps parlor" investigations and prosecutions.