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Pornhub parlor king

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Pornhub parlor king

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I just wonder how much he rakes in. Is it enough to do it full-time? Nice gig if you can get it even with the condom. Maybe I'll him and ask. Click to expand

Age: 54
Relationship Status: Divorced
Seeking: I Wants Sex Meeting
City: East Berlin
Hair:Carnation pink
Relation Type: Old Married Woman Ready Fuck Locals

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With this guy PK the videos are much clearer.

Whether its guys with a cell phone or a hidden camera or cops in Florida there are some thing you simply do not do. Click to expand I have seen a of these hidden camera videos. Lots of content pretends to be "spontaneous reality", but it staged.

The parlor king (pornhub)

His videos are usually very poor quality. Only verified members are eligible for monetization.

This is why I ask for donations. Yeah, my original assumption was that the PK videos were fake. Parllr just wonder how much he rakes in.

There is no "blue check" next to my name. Nice gig if you can get it even with the condom.

If you look ;arlor the information next to his name, this is what he says, which explains why he is begging for paypal donations and also means that he does not have consent from the AMP girls. I do not get paid from my video views because my Pornhub and videos are not verified.

Wanting nsa

My videos can never be verified for obvious reasons. There is no "Pornhub Community logo and theme song" before my videos. There is a guy out there putting up videos under the name Spermberger which appears to be real.

Click to expand To be clear to record someone having sex, or doing other things, with out their consent and putting it on the internet is immoral. Is it enough to do it full-time?

I just thought his approach to monetizing the content was interesting and ballsy. Maybe I'll him and ask. It really appears to be staged so maybe he has found a novel way to make a buck.

In almost every case it is really hard to see what is going on, you have poor volume, bad angels and poor lighting. The fact that he claims its real is not definitive in itself.

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Although they seem to be shot from the same angel the parties seem to move in a way that catches the action. I'd be interested to know how successful it is, but probably never will. There is a misconception that I get money from Pornhub from my video views.