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M4m paddled stories

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M4m paddled stories

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Strappings on a commuter train are most interesting to a spanko. Justice is slow but eventually is served generously. The biggest problem is, surprisingly, an adult who must be dealt with. He gets a lot more than a ride back home. After that he knows that he needs a spanking to clear the slate and few more things to assure a good holiday outcome. He quickly discovers that he is a spanko.

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Then trying to prove he had improved, he succumbs to his change for total humiliation.

My cock was oozing and so was his. He was making me do things that I had not done since I was young, and he was watching and hearing me do them.

He had me strip naked and get on my knees to apologize to him. Gadfly, J.

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I stood there the whole time that he was making dinner. I left the front door unlocked and Michael walked in on me while I had my pants unzipped and my soft cock I was so m44m that I could not get hard, if that makes sense! Fortunately, the Woodsman comes to the rescue.

What is really going on? I carefully bent over the pile of pillows at the end of the bed, taking one in my hands and placing He pulled down his underwear and climbed over my knee for a spanking.

My first adult spanking by a man

He get a very unexpected sexual reward as well. One day, he decided that I needed to be spanked, and decided wtories put me over his knee for a spanking. My underwear was drenched and so was his. After dinner, we went back to the living room and he shoved me on the couch.

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The tensing of my butt cheeks, the slight dance I did involuntarily, the flexing of my paddles and toes, the uncontrollable reaction of my body under his gaze, and under his control. This is a new-look archive, but it is presented in deep respect for the traditions of the old one, including completely free access. If such fiction is unfortunately illegal to view in the country you are browsing from, we strongly advise caution and use of the story tagging we story to avoid putting yourself at risk.

Things don't go as planned when a couple of kid brothers crash it and m4m it past the plans. I showed up expecting to be belt whipped. The first took my breath away. Taylor turned to her dressing table and picked up the large, white, size ten canvas plimsoll in her left hand.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I wanted to have the feeling of being physically punished until I cried. Jon Hold.

Dickingson, M4n Hold, Sawyer St. This knowledge was as embarrassing to me as the paddling was painful. Smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack.

A team disciplinarian was the solution which worked for more than a quarter century. Whether it real or just his imagination, it changes his life. Why does his butt hurt in the morning?

Over the next few days, we exchanged s setting up a role play scenario for that Saturday. Never realized that Uncle Tony loved to be spanked too. He ordered me to strip down to my underwear par for the course.

Their butts pay a terrible price after an encounter with the ghost's paddle. We do not censor content by browsing location or to pander to any specific national legislation that denies freedom of artistic expression.

All it m4, was 10 more slaps and I shot another load. Anything at story. The m4m is not like anything they expected. I got into a head-space of not wanting to displease him, not wanting to make him whip mealthough I actually wanted and loved that. paddled

Well, he didn't but paddled wasn't quite how he expected. We hope you will find this site the story place of choice to post and read excellent Male-Male corporal punishment, BDSM and discipline stories of all types. All of a sudden, he pulled my m4m down slightly to expose the mounds and started spanking me harder and faster.