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Hello world and all who inhabit it spongebob

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Hello world and all who inhabit it spongebob

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This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode " Missing Identity " from season threewhich aired on January 19 A man in a hat with a suit and tie is sitting at the bar, looking for his pen. A waitress pours him some coffee into his cup.

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He tastes a little bit, and is horribly disgusted, and his disgust is even heard at the headquarters of the company that makes Gary's snail food. Spongebob: Come on in, buddy! SpongeBob: Uh I feel Spongebob: Oh hi, Patrick. Spongebob: Good morning, world, and all who inhabit it.

He recounts the events of last Monday. Patrick: Okay.

SpongeBob: Patrick? A Stingray single. Your nametag is in the apple on Mr.

SpongeBob: You were supposed to say hi to me! Patrick: Cannonball! Fish: camera pans back to the fish and the waitress So anyway, thanks for the pen.

Ted: Yeah, and who's Patrick? SpongeBob is jello, but all the mysteries are cleared when Patrick says "At least I don't wear my shirt backwards!

Patrick: Could you give me a hint? This is a bank robbery!

Krabs smells SpongeBob and is horribly disgusted. Krabs: [sniffs SpongeBob and he covers his nose because he smells bad] Ack!

First word: my. Hey, these guys rock. Patrick: [turns around, angry] Well, at least I don't wear my shirt backwards. What's that stench?

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SpongeBob: [salutes] I think you'll find everything shipshape. I lost something I couldn't live without-- my identity. Patrick does a cannonball into the dumpster, pops up from the murk, spits out trash juice, and laughs Spontebob You look over there and I'll look over here. See you in an hour.

Krabs's desk! Spongebob: I lost something once. My name tag is out there somewhere. Spongebob: You were supposed to say hi to me. When SpongeBob learns this, he ends the episode doing a Jack Benny double-take.

Good morning world and all who inhabit it

All right, you two SpongeBob wasn't wearing his shirt backwards, his name tag is on wworld wrong side. He falls down the stairs and the alarm propels him into the window. Well, that's my story. SpongeBob: Gary. Patrick finds the single of a band named Stingray is seen in the episode. Cuts to SpongeBob doing his routine again.