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He was a 48 year old married man with two grown children.

Age: 48
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He sat back up next to me, grabbed my hand and moved it under his sweat pants. We talked for about 10 min, when I told him that Tucked had to get going. However since it was summer, he was the only one using the office.

I even loved how my toes felt against his feet. I did meet him once a few months back. In fact, I was so aroused that I began to loose control. I also lay completely sss on top of him resting my head on the pillow just above his right shoulder.

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During the summer, the campus was very quite and deserted most of the time. Now, I felt that he was definitely being more friendly than normal.

Without saying a word, I got on top of him. I touched and rubbed his hairy legs, ran my nails along his thighs and stomach. It was here that I first witnessed something about him, he always shot a big load when he ejaculated and he would usually shootout a good 5 inches. Since this is your first time, "You can do whatever you want, touch me anywhere, just do whatever comes naturally. I smelled and licked his balls, ran my tongue from his balls down to his ass.

Anal sex is a special thing. I couldn't get my fingers all the way around it was so thick and veiny.

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We agreed to meet again the next gfts. Not going to lie, it felt weird for a minute but once I relaxed it felts out of this world.

In this position, we were able xss kiss and talk to one another. I nodded and said hello. Nothing out of the ordinary, we hang out all the time together. He gently grasped my hips and began rubbing his cock against my ass. The truth is that anal playno matter what gender, is enjoyable if performed correctly. Our other 2 friends leave and its just Conner and I.

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He told me to take off my clothes, and when I removed my shorts, my cock was completely erect. Fuck me!

It is typically not a good idea to surprise a man by simply walking out of the bathroom with a asd dildo equipped and ready to use. Straight men often guy that their dominance and masculinity will be in fuck if they even get about anything "gay" at all, let alone a female fucking them with a rubber ass. Slowly but surely he proceeded, when suddenly his cock slid all the way in.

A few days later I again rode my bike and again saw getx sitting on the bench.

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We again greeted and had a brief conversation. He kept telling me to do whatever I wanted. I enjoyed watching some of the faces he made, and watching him squeeze and spread my cheeks. He even told me how he especially liked my long legs.

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It's definitely a very touchy practice, especially in the straight male community. He's on the couch naked playing xbox, i'm debating walking out naked and stuffing that fat cock back in my mouth and hoping for a round 2. Fast forward to the main event. I fantasized about what he wanted to do with me, I found myself aroused by his obvious sexual interest in me.

I really enjoyed laying on top of him and being masturbated to orgasm. Bend your ass over and let me fuck your tight asshole till you cum, then you can shoot it all over my tits!

At this point i've never felt another cock besides my own, but man what a cock he had. Conner, kicked his fets off looked me in the eyes and said "let me fuck that hole".

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I just know that it feels crazy to get fucked in the ass. I then reached over and placed my hand on his thigh and told him I preferred to have thicker legs and thighs like his. It probably feels better for a man to receive anal sex rather than a woman due to the prostate gland inside the male ass. I touched his beard, felt his chest hairs. We hugged and kissed, then he layed down and I began examining his again.

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God bless you, you wonderful angel. Finally after about 10 min of this, I began having trouble controlling my responses. Here I was a 19 year old guy wearing very short biker pants, walking to an office of an older man I hardly knew. We were both taken by surprise at the suddenness of it, and he gave a deep moan ass it slid in.

I soon realized however that I was aroused by this. After ringing the door bell, he opened the door. I rubbed my face against his beard, and he kissed my neck and face. I grabbed his hand and slowly put it in my lap, and told him, "I'm down for head, but nothing gets weird, your still on of my best friends". He then asked if I wanted to explore his body first. I couldn't believe how good this felt.

John - Hey, Julia, wanna fuck? He finally pushed himself all way inside me.