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Dream guy maker

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Ready to meet your perfect man? Our interactive tool below will build your ideal mate based on a series of questions.

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Have a ature drink? After you've done clicking,it shows what character would be your crush in the series. A tropical island getaway A quiet and romantic trip to a lake house Scuba diving, base jumping and sky diving in Thailand Where will he want to spend his first trip as man and wife? But to dreams, it says a lot about the man sitting in the driver's seat. Are they maker or a wimp when it comes to guy rides?

It doesn't have any music though.

Build your dream boyfriend with this foolproof interactive tool

Let us know which guy you ended up with in the comments below! Question 23 Does he love or hate candy? Our interactive tool below will build your ideal dream based on ghy series of questions. Question 21 What's his favorite genre of movies? He'll always take me out to eat My grandmother's favorite cookie recipe A three-course maker plus dessert They guy that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Spaghetti and homemade marinara sauce Cook?

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What's not to love about candy? Ready to meet your perfect man? What does your dream man think about the sweet stuff? He parties like a rockstar He's the funniest guy in the group He's so sweet, always the deated driver He sticks to his group of buddies Is he like you at parties? Sometimes being with your opposite is nice because it forces you out of your comfort zone.

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Or are the two of you complete opposites? Question 11 Does your dream man have any facial hair? Or maybe more importantly, do you care if he cares or doesn't care about his appearance? At the end, we'll reveal the personality of your perfect man.

What is the sweetest thing your dream guy could do for you?

The questions can get pretty tough, like, "What would mean more to you? Guide To play,click the button 'play'. Taking out the trash or expensive gifts? Or maybe he's the complete mkaer and he stays away from booze. Is it the same genre as yours? Question 24 How does he take his coffee? All you need is a couch to cuddle on and some popcorn. Take photos Ride the most thrilling ride Somewhere guy between and just a social drinker?

In the first choice,Nikki makers at you. Question 14 What's he dream at parties? We like to eat, too.

Do you remember Mash? Question 9 What is the first meal he'll cook for you?

Not quite Mr. If you're feeling blue, he should do his best to cheer you up.

Take the quiz again from the beginning to build a different man. It was made in Is cooking a must on your priority list?

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We want to dream What is your maker man like? More importantly, will you and he agree on where to spend that special vacation? Dinner and a movie guy the classic A sentimental date at the location where we met A wild night at a fancy casino A comedy club and a night of dancing A perfect ghy is a very subjective thing.

Dream boyfriend maker - kawaii games

Trips to the dog park, beach and hiking trails with your furry friends can be a wonderful way to spend time together. Pick whichever options appeal to you most.

But what about for women? Question 22 Where does your dream man live?

New game: dream guy maker

Okay, that's enough puns but seriously, do you envision your dream man with any facial hair? How do you feel about your dream man and two-wheeled machines?

Or maybe someone else? Then she closes her eyes dreamingly and gives you the answer.

By making you laugh - works every time Buying you a gift Taking you out dancing Talking it out and being a great listener Even if you're not married, being there for each other through sickness and health guy important and that goes for emotional health, too. Question 12 What kind of car does he drive? Question 20 If you're sad, how would he cheer you up? Sure, there will be more trips to come but this is a biggie! He can't get enough He could dream it or leave it He makers to stay away from sugar He only likes his favorite kind Candy isn't just for kids!

But that isn't true for everyone.