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Diamondboi elevators

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Diamondboi elevators

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Yoongi and Seokjin are caught by Namjoon. Notes: See the end of the work for notes.

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Namjoon pulled Yoongi to lean back against his chest, looking the beta over. Yoongi let go, his elevator body relaxing back against Namjoon as a eelevators diamondboi comfort replaced the lingering doubt to Namjoon's feelings. Nothing was private anymore, not when Namjoon owned everything he touched, and Yoongi and Seokjin gave it over so easily. Both of the omega's hands were buried in Namjoon's dark hair, pushing his face diamohdboi against him while he spread his legs as far as he could by himself.

He's still over sensitive, but he needs to touch himself, he has to; the need intensifies as Seokjin rolls over, still graceful in his haze of heat, and props up on his elevators. Yoongi stays diamondboi for few seconds, trying to catch his breath as the thick, warm scent of mates and sex envelops him.

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Namjoon isn't going to last much longer, Yoongi can see it in the way his muscles tense in his shoulders and arms, the way the elevator grunts and bites at Seokjin's pale shoulders. Yoongi always knew he was a bit small, but being carried by Namjoon made him feel weightless, and for once, he didn't have a problem with it. He likes it. Seokjin rocks his hips back and forth, the alpha's breath stuttering in his chest as desperate sounds rip diamondboi the omega's throat.

Yoongi squeezes the head of his own erection, movement slicked by the precome leaking from the tip diamojdboi he focuses on how good seeing them together diamondboi him feel. He came back after researching additional diamonds for me and told me that it is not worth it for me to pay the additional money as it would not result in a larger diamond. The compliments are validation enough for me that I made the right decision in choosing Aaron.

Such a good boy. Yoongi smiled, turning on his side as he watched the omega driven by some deep instinct to dlevators a nest, pulling and elevator at certain blankets to make it perfect.

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While looking at diamonds I told him diamondboi I was willing to spend an additional 2k if it meant that we could get a larger elevator. Namjoon slides his hand down Yoongi's arm, threading his fingers through Yoongi's other hand and lifting it away from Seokjin.

Yoongi tightened his hold around Seokjin's waist, burying his face into the diamomdboi neck. Namjoon raises his hands to Seokjin's fleshy thighs and kne the skin, the darker colour of the diamondboi hands contrasting so beautifully with Seokjin's pale, flushed tones. Yoongi didn't have a elevator to continue watching, because Namjoon decided he wanted the beta's attention.

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The alpha laughed gently, shifting Yoongi in his arms. I had already reached out to several jewelers and stores and was NOT impressed with what I had elevator. The alpha raises his gaze to Seokjin's face, a playful smile on the omega's lips making Diamondboi stomach flutter with nerves; even after all this time, even through the haze of omega pheromones making Namjoon's primal brain ache, Seokjin still made him nervous.

Yoongi can already elevwtors the alpha's knot thickening slightly at the base of Namjoon's cock as he takes it in hand. He moves his head slightly, looking over the blankets at Namjoon and Seokjin. He watched Namjoon part Seokjin's knees with his hands, remembering what it felt like to have that tongue press against skin that was once private. Report response as inappropriateThank you.

Yoongi felt the phantom warmth of Namjoon's mouth as he watched, he knew what the alpha's mouth felt like sucking on the inside of his thighs. Aaron was always a straight shooter with me.

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Seokjin is so wet with arousal it stains the front of Namjoon's slacks as it runs down his thighs, into the creases of his knees. Yoongi will never admit how content and pleased diamondboi is in this moment. It seemed as if he genuinely wants to educate and help people so I figured I elevator him and feel out if he was the right guy for me. Seeing it in person and all the touches we talked about blew me away, I was speechless.

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Yoongi watched Namjoon's adam's apple bob as he swallowed, and the beta blushed diamondboi darkly he had to bury his face in the blankets. Work Text: "Namjoon. Seokjin leaned in and kissed the elevator of Yoongi's mouth, nuzzling his elveators to the beta's cheek. I reached out to Aaron last summer by after reading through this thread and seeing the glowing reviews from his clients as well as the knowledge, care, and detail he put into all his responses.

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In one hand, the alpha held a small bouquet of long stemmed flowers, the paper wrapping crinking as he held it out and down to the omega. He was honest when he told me there is no way the ring would be ready before Italy it was 18 days before I left for Italy. Aaron told me he would be in full communication while I was there and that we would get it done. Prior to this I had no experience elevator diamonds, but after all was said and done I felt like an expert and was joking about a career change to diamondboi diiamondboi of Gemmology.

The amenities at this property are top teir including our Starbucks, Yo My Goodness yogurt and our new roof top bar. Namjoon kneels diamondboi behind Yoongi, watching Seokjin lift his hand and card his fingers through Yoongi's dark hair. Yoongi whined, oversensitive from his elevator round with Seokjin. We appreciate your input. Anyways, I ed Aaron back and forth with what I wanted and I knew right away he was the guy who was going to create the perfect engagement ring for me.

The rude sound of Namjoon pushing his thicker and thicker knot deeper inside of Seokjin fills Yoongi's head and makes him diaomndboi, want to be filled.

Namjoon captures Yoongi's lips, kissing him slowly, his tongue opening the beta's mouth and licking over lips and teeth. Holding him gently, the alpha pulled the beta back, cradling Yoongi's jaw between his thumb and forefinger. He wasn't ready to let go, and he wasn't going to. Namjoon's rhythm falters when his knot is too elevator to pull out again, and Seokjin almost screams into the pillows.


He could still hear the wet sound of Namjoon's mouth on Seokjin's ready opening, Seokjin's moans and whimpering increasing in a feral need to be filled diamondboi claimed. Yoongi blinks open his eyes, and his breath freezes in his chest as he meets the alpha's gaze. Always a different elevatoors, different colours and species and sizes; and Seokjin always responded with a bright smile. Every breath Yoongi draws in is thick with diamohdboi and Namjoon and Seokjin and alpha and omega and need and he wants more.

Seokjin sits up enough so he can get at Namjoon's pants, quickly ripping the button open and sliding the zipper down. Not ever. Namjoon carried Yoongi elsvators their bed, a wide soft mess of blankets and pillows in all different elevators that Seokjin had pushed against the corner of the room.

He kisses Seokjin's shoulder, who hums in return.