Knives Reviews - Contributors



People who have worked and contributed to the realization of this project, sharing their experiences and knowledge in knives area:

  • Alessandra De Santis

    She is an author of reviews about production knives for some Italian magazines, and her interest in knives world dates back since she was a child.
    Alessandra's knowledge about steels and materials comes from university studies undertaken, with a degree in Industrial Chemistry, and subsequent specialization in polymeric materials. She has also the qualification for the construction, repair and sale of weapons, and the collector's license for white weapons and ancient weapons.

  • Fulvio Cenci

    Armorer and gunsmith, he is also knives enthusiast and he has devoted many years to the study of boxing, wing tsung and Filipino martial arts (especially Kali), learning to use figthing knives and sticks.

  • Filippo Chonchol

    Knives collector and co-founder of BIK italian forum, where he is currently an administrator.
    He is a great connoisseur of ethnic blades and he has a passion for travel to exotic places.

  • Francesco Cotti

    He is an expert martial artist with 15 year experience in martial arts that goes from Kali to tactical blades employment, and he has made many seminars in Italy. He is also present on major Italian Internet platforms (forums and social networks), and he helped to popularize Filipino Martial Arts in Italy since the early years of 2000. He is the author of the first and most famous italian website about Kali.

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